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The Kitchen Diary by Zsuzska

Hey there! 

It’s Zsuzska here, welcome to my Kitchen Diary. We’ve recently finished renovating our home, the kitchen included, which means we’d had to buy new kitchen appliances and tools as well. They have a ton of exciting functions, which I’m just starting to explore and you’re welcome to come with me along the way.

It’s been a hard but exciting task to make the (hopefully) proper choices for us, as the possibilities are endless, the only limit is the money in our pocket. I’ll get back to you later with a more detailed report about how we’ve chosen the appliances one by one, but in general, we have been browsing the products of 2-3 brands we trust, in a middle price range. In fact, my husband pointed out a model at first, then we were browsing and comparing different models for days, discussing whether we would use the specific functions or not, and then ended up with the first choice being the best.

Time passed, our baby was born and, the kitchen had been finally finished. We wanted to make a quick dinner in the oven to try it out, but after switching it on we realised that we had no idea what settings to use. Although I had previously gone over the user manuals, it’s impossible to remember everything. Anyway, you have to try them out.

I’m a scientist and in this field, it is expected when conducting a scientific experiment to write lab notes about the circumstances and the results. So I decided I would like to note how I try out the different functions and settings of the kitchen appliances and tools in order to make them perfect for a given recipe, that’s how this diary was born. Because when they have so many possibilities, it’s not enough anymore to find where to switch them on and off, the proper settings are needed in order to achieve the perfect results.

Although I like being in the kitchen, I’m in a hurry most of the time, having so much to do around the house and with the baby. As a wife and a mom, I can save a lot of time if I don’t need to think about what I have to do and how I should do it because I cannot remember what turned out to be the best combination last time and what didn’t work out. Just a few easy steps and I can carry on with my next task.

The Kitchen Diary started out as an Instablog on Instagram, but I soon realised after the first few posts that I have much more to say about a story than it would fit in the character limit of a post, so here I am, starting this blog where only my imagination will be the limit of my characters. I’m still planning to share a brief review of the blog posts, so feel free to follow my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Pinterest) as well, and stay in touch for new content.

All in all, I cannot wait to fill the pages of this blog,

so let The Kitchen Diary begin…