Presenting my new Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison bread maker
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Presenting my new Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison bread maker

Dear Diary,

Let me present to you my latest kitchen appliance, the brand new Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison PF251835 bread maker machine, that I have previously chosen from 7 different Tefal models. I cannot wait to try it out, I have a feeling that we’ll be good friends along the way…

Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison

Accessories of the Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison

So I finally got around unpacking my brand new Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison PF251835 bread maker, let me show you what I’ve found in the box. First of all the machine itself, of course, it’s a black one with cool design, I like it (although I generally prefer the white ones if I have the option to choose)!

Then there is a removable bucket and a kneading blade, a plastic bowl with a lid and one with filter for making yoghurt and cottage cheese, a hook, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, self-adhesive stickers, a user manual and a recipe book with 28 recipes (6 gluten-free, 6 healthy, 5 traditional, 3 pasta and dessert, 4 cooked cereals, 1 jam and 3 milk products recipes).

Programs of the Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison

As it is the case in every Tefal (and generally other types of) bread maker, we can choose from 3 crust colours (light, medium or dark) and 3 different bread weights (500 g, 750 g or 1000 g). Using one of the 22 different programs enlisted below, we can make not only bread, but several other types of food with this machine. I’ll need some time for trying out every one of it, that’s for sure. (Let the experiments begin!) 

So the programmes found in the Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison PF251835 bread maker machine are the following:

  1. gluten-free savoury bread
  2. gluten-free sweet bread 
  3. gluten-free cake
  4. rapid wholemeal bread
  5. wholemeal bread
  6. salt-free bread
  7. super rapid bread
  8. rye bread
  9. French bread
  10. sweet bread 
  11. manual mode
  12. leavened dough (e.g. pizza, waffles etc.)
  13. cake
  14. shortcrust (pie)
  15. pasta
  16. cooking 
  17. porridge (and rice pudding) 
  18. cereals (rice, semolina and buckwheat pudding)
  19. jam
  20. yoghurt (from cow, goat or soy milk)
  21. drinkable yoghurt 
  22. cottage cheese 

And if somebody finds it difficult to understand the English language (on my machine) written on the lid, then with the help of a self-adhesive sticker, this list can be transcribed into 9 different languages (BG, BS, RO, CZ, HU, SL, SR, HR, SK) – yes, they have even thought of that, I’ve never seen anything like this before. 

The Tefal Pain et Tresors (Maison) recipe book

The recipe book comes in 9 different languages (BG, BS, RO, SL, SR, HR, EN, CZ, SK, HU) as well and it is the same for Tefal Pain et Tresors PF250135 and Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison PF251835 models. It can be downloaded from the official Tefal website.

There is a brief introduction at the beginning about the recommended ingredients such as the different kinds of flour, yeast, etc., and a general recommendation for gluten-free recipes. This is followed by a short description of the automatic dispenser for instant dry yeast (the smaller part) and other ingredients (the larger one) such as nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits, chocolate, etc.

The following recipes are found in the book:

  • Preparing the dough (programme no. 11 in the Tefal Pain et Tresors / no. 12 in the Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison)
  • Gluten-free recipes
    • Bread with sun-dried tomatoes (programme 1)
    • Bread with seeds (programme 1)
    • Brioche (programme 2)
    • Vienna bread with chocolate (programme 2)
    • Pie with ham and cheese (programme 3)
    • Chestnut pie (programme 3)
  • Healthy recipes
    • Homestyle bread (programme 4 and 5)
    • Whole grain bread (programme 4 and 5)
    • Sourdough flax seed bread (programme 4 and 5)
    • Rye bread (programme 8)
    • Salt-free bread (programme 6)
    • Pumpernickel bread (programme 8)
  • Traditional recipes
    • Quick baking bread (pr. 7)
    • Brioche (pr. 10)
    • Kulich (pr. 10)
    • Dessert bread (pr. 10)
    • Honey and almond bread (pr. 9)
  • Pasta and dessert breads
    • Pizza dough (programme 11/12)
    • Pasta (programme 12/15)
    • Almond cake (programme 13)
  • Cooked cereals and jam recipes
    • Porridge (programme 15/17)
    • Semolina porridge (programme 15/17)
    • Rice porridge (programme 16/18)
    • Buckwheat porridge (programme 16/18)
    • Jam (programme 17/19)
  • Milk products
    • Yogurt (programme 18/20)
    • Drinking Yoghurt (programme 19/21)
    • Cottage cheese (programme 20/22)

Extras and the user manual 

This Tefal Pain et Tresors Maison PF251835 model has an automatic dispenser where we can put the instant yeast (in the smaller one) or nuts, grains, raisins, chocolate, etc. (in the bigger part) and it will be automatically added to the dough at the right moment. With this feature, we can make our baked goods even more diverse. There is also a small peek-in window at the top of the lid, through which we can see what’s happening inside. 

Let’s examine the user manual! The English version is OK, but the Hungarian one has got some problems… what should I say, the dog ate the “ő” and “ű” characters, so it turned out rather funny 😅. Fortunately, the online version is accurate, so this isn’t that big of a problem.

At least I’ve found out that

To get acquainted with the operation of your bread machine, we suggest trying the FRENCH BREAD recipe as your first bread…

so that will be my first one to try out.

I’ll be back soon with my first bread, can’t wait! 

XOXO from my kitchen 🙃

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  1. Very interesting artical and you have chosen the one I want but cannot find it here in Greece. Where did you buy your one from?

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks for your comment. I bought my Tefal bread maker a few months ago from a webshop called eMAG in Hungary. I checked but it seems they do not have an international shipping option. They are present in several European countries (but not in Greece yet), maybe Bulgaria or Romania could be an option for you? Check it out!

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